Indoor swimming pool in Arzúa (Spain) - Protoype


Diputación Provincial de A Coruña.


Arzúa. A Coruña, Spain.


Competition: January 1998  |  Project: March 1999  |  Completion: 2001.

Architects and Construction managers

Antonio Raya, Cristóbal Crespo and Carlos Qvintáns.


Architects: Santiago Sánchez Iglesias, Enrique Antelo Tudela.


Mouzo y Souto S.L.


2.330,16 m2.






WINNER - International Award of Wood in Construction. Silleda. June 2002.

WINNER - Public Competition. January 1998.




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This building is a figment of a competition promoted by La Coruña Provincial Council. This competition explained the execution of a series of models to be repeated in several places and, therefore, with different determining factors. The plan foresaw to provide all the municipalities that could accept its management with facilities destined to a covered swimming pool, accompanied by a series of additional equipment that include gyms, saunas, solarium and a small cafeteria.

Our project is planned then, with that repetition will and without thinking of a certain location, better said, with certain scepticism towards the possible environment which leads to the proposal of a landscape, interior to the building, which allows the incorporation, at a given moment, of the best views thanks to punctual openings on the wall. The main goal is to facilitate all the times the adaptation of the piece to the specific conditions and dimensions of each possible plot of land.

This way, a concrete wall that delimits la plot of land, like a fence, gives shape to the building and contains the different constructed volumes, generated around the courtyards from where they receive light and ventilation. The body which is home to the cafeteria and the gym, together with the dressing rooms body, have the same height than the wall and are united by the reception that, for its part, opens to two patios with different uses. Above the concrete wall only the swimming pool body sticks out, made of wood with the same quartering as that used for the shuttering, creating the positive print, the wood, and the negative print, that of the boards, which show two appearances from the same material. The volume of the pool elevates over the wall and it takes the shape of a big wooden box resting on the concrete fence. The lower part of this area is glazed and, the part not bordering on the dressing rooms opens to a patio that serves as a visual relief and allows to be used as a solarium in summer, facilitating this way a great visual range from the pool. In the swimming pool area, the wood goes down to the flooring and fairly meets the water in the pool basin. Under the swimming pool body there is a basement in which one can find all the installations.

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