Vier architects

VIER architects is a studio for architecture and integrated design, with headquarters in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain). It is constituted by ANTONIO RAYA, CRISTÓBAL CRESPO, SANTIAGO SÁNCHEZ and ENRIQUE ANTELO, architects educated at A Coruña School of Architecture (University of A Coruña), an institution at which they are professors.

Our main objective is the search for architectural objects of high quality through meticulous project drawing and an active collaboration with clients and experts.

We consider the constructive process as an inseparable part of our activity, from the initial conception of the building to the management of the works, and one in which the observation of deadlines and prices is a priority. The project work is reinforced and verified thanks to the making of models, to assisted design and synthetic images. The activity of our office is conceived as the experimental part of a process that necessarily starts on a theoretical level.

We believe it is necessary to contribute rigor, innovation and economy, as a result of the kind of architecture we propose. We seek to produce an advanced and avant-garde architecture making use of the available means in every situation. There is a craftwork component under the industrial appearance of our works; we like to do research on the updating of traditional technologies, as well as to invent devices and systems. We assume calculated risks, by working with rare techniques and materials, but the result is kept under control as for efforts and economies.


Antonio Raya
Partner / Architect
Cristóbal Crespo
Partner / Architect
Santiago Sánchez
Partner / Architect
Enrique Antelo
Partner / Architect

Collaborators since 1992:

Patricia Sabín  Enrique Blanco  Miriam Turschner  Katrin Havemann  Emmanuel Vincent  José Froján  César Viana  Iñaki Leite  José Vieitez  Eugenio Novoa  Ruth Varela  Pablo Ferreiro  Bruce Springsteen  David Vázquez  Francisco Rodríguez  Rafael Sánchez  Antonio Vagace  José Alonso  Elsa González  |  Andrea Fernández  Talía Fernández  Pablo Vilares  Gerardo Cid  Ana Gallego  Cristina De Vera  Ledicia Fariña  JH Arquitectos S.L. (Joaquín Hernández, Ángel Gallego, Javier Antón)  TEMHA, Tipologías estructurales de Madera, Hormigón y Acero S.L. (J. A. González, Guillermo Capellán, Jesús J. Corbal)  ALTAIR, Ingeniería y aplicaciones S.A. (Carlos González, Alfredo Seijas, Antonio Varela, Miguel Collazo)  Carolin Müller  Bert Gellynck (1010 [Ten-Ten] architecture urbanism)  Technum - Tractebel Engineering  Studiebureau Mouton  Studiebureau R. Boydens.

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