Open-air swimming pool and leisure area - Prototype


Diputación Provincial de A Coruña  |  Diputación Provincial de Zamora (Muelas del Pan).


Curtis. Teixeiro. Neda. Betanzos. Sobrado dos Monxes. Vilarmaior. Oroso. Teo. Tordoia. Boimorto. Coirós. Lousame. Toques. Touro. Val do Dubra. (A Coruña, Spain).

Muelas del Pan. (Zamora, Spain).


Competition: July 1996  |  Project: 1997 - 2002 (16 projects)  |  Completion: 2002 (16 projects).

Architects and Construction managers

Antonio Raya, Cristóbal Crespo and Carlos Qvintáns.


Architects: Santiago Sánchez Iglesias, Enrique Antelo Tudela + Ángel L. Gallego (Muelas del Pan)




Buildings 230 m2 - Ext. 200 m2.






THIRD PRIZE - ATEG Award 2000. Madrid. October 2000.

WINNER - FICOMAT 98. Technological innovation. Silleda. August 1998.

ACCESIT - VIII Edition COAG Architecture Award 1998.

WINNER - Public Competition. July 1996.




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The aim of this project is figment of the competition for the work of some leisure areas and open-air swimming pools promoted by the Provincial Council of La Coruña.

Our proposal uses the resources that the use of series and prefabrication give, as the starting point of the project and organizes the construction into two pieces that bring together functions according to their use. The layout of these volumes in the plot permits to resolve two objectives: on one hand, to control the access to the swimming pools and to establish footwear and bare foot courses and, on the other hand, to facilitate the adaptation of the project to the specific conditions and dimensions of the plot.

The easy connection between the picnic area and the solarium can be done on those occasions which it may be necessary, the bar is situated in a central position and this way the use of the facilities to a big number of people is easily achieved. The connection between the swimming pools and the solarium is achieved trough a portico that contains the pediluvium and showers, the latters are operated by an infrared volume detector.

The construction will be made by optimizing the advantages coming from the prefabrication, regarding building speed and costs reduction, thanks to the placing on a steel structure (placed on reinforced concrete isolated foundation) concrete prefabricated flagstones on flooring and roof. Pieces with the same features, although treated with inner insulation, will be used in closing walls. The latters are resolved forming a ventilated chamber with an interior laminated board cladding screwed to the structure and which withstands the climatic conditions it may suffer, especially in the showers areas. This same laminated board is placed to work as a fake ceiling and as window shutters that will close the ventilation areas during winter. The placing of laminated board as a cladding allows great accessibility in order to have access to all the facilities located behind it. The constructive solution permits, besides, the comfortable replacement of those elements that may be damaged.

The cost of staff terms is considered as the minimum possible, bearing in mind that one single person can perfectly deal with the control of the enclosure, the watch of the pool as a lifeguard does, and even the access to the facilities without great displacements. Only the cafeteria should have another person. The disabled people accessibility is total and to all the different areas, having its own toilets core.

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